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Pre-Order 預購

18 NOV 前下單, 預計12月頭寄出貨品。

Purchase on or before 18 NOV, ships in early DEC. 


24 NOV 前下單, 預計12月中寄出貨品。

Purchase on or before 24 NOV, ships in mid DEC.


24 NOV 後還可以下單, 但只有少量顏色碼數供選擇,預計12月中寄出貨品。

Only limited colour and size options available if purchase after 24 NOV, ships in mid DEC.


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Looking for Christmas Baby Gift?

Purchase Together with Kommacat Gift Packaging

What are Included?

Kommacat Gift Box (Creamy White) x1

Kommacat Gift Message Card x1

How to Purchase?

You may simply purchase the add-on item in each product page.

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